2017-06-16 Personal Development 0

Having a brand can set you apart from other peers in your field. Building a brand allows you to change your reputation. Establishing a strong brand can help market you as someone that different clients, colleagues, and customers will want to work with or hire. Here are some strategies that you can implement to build your brand. Reaching that next level of success in your career could depend on building your brand.


1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is where employers and recruiters are always searching for new talent. Your LinkedIn profile should mention all of your skills, goals, and accomplishments. Look to post exciting updates about your career, and don’t be afraid to participate in different discussions online.

2. Speak With A Recruiter

A recruiter can analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to contact a recruiter who has helped people in your area of expertise. Talking to outside counsel may be beneficial for helping you build your brand.

3. Present At A Conference

You have to put your name out there if you want to build your brand. Public speaking is a good way to gain some exposure. If speaking in front of people makes you nervous, remember that you have to overcome those doubts to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

4. Blog

Blogging about your chosen field is an excellent way to help you create a professional identity. Make sure that you are consistently posting something so that you won’t appear unfocused.

5. Look For Feedback

Appearing confident can help you stand out from your peers. Consider asking some of your friends and peers to describe you using a few adjectives. They should be able to describe your strengths and weaknesses thoroughly. Any negative feedback that you receive should be an opportunity to make changes.

6. Enhance Your Social Media Pages

Add more details to your social media pages, such as Twitter or Facebook. Your social media presence could influence a potential employer’s initial impression of you. Make sure that you have an appropriate photo on your social media account, as well as a link to any personal websites.

7. Speak Confidently About Your Success

Don’t be afraid to talk about your accomplishments and achievements. Share your great news with your peers. Speaking with confidence about your accomplishments can help you grow your brand and look more attractive to potential employers.

8. Make Changes

Make changes to rebrand yourself. Look at your online contacts and ensure that they are up to date. Check with different clients to let them know that you are making changes. Emphasize how your work experiences have led to you striving for a new vision.

9. Do A Web Search

Take note of what the different search engines are saying about you. Look to see if your identity is correct. Check out all of the information about you and take note of whether its negative or positive. Having an idea of your current reputation can help build your brand for the future.

10. Set Up An Alert System

Use tools such as Google Alerts to notify you of any new content published about you online. Use different variations of your name when setting up the notification system.