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8, Male, individual

Navaris is a very energetic child who always likes to be doing something. He enjoys video games, watching television, and playing with action figures and army men.

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11, Female, individual

Kyla is excited to be eleven! She learns well inside and outside of school. She is able to solve problems and often will ask for help when needed. She is very creative and enjoys art activities.

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11, Female, with sibling(s)

Start a conversation about beauty, hairs and nails and Martha perks up! Martha is an energetic, outspoken and playful girl. Martha loves to do hair and she “specializes” in braids, twists and pony tails.

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3, Male, with sibling(s)

Jamarie is a little, ball of energy! He loves to play especially with other children and loves to engage. Jamarie loves playing, especially with action figures and puzzles.

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9, Male, with sibling(s)

You can find Jeremiah catching up on the latest crime show. Jeremiah wants to be a police officer and is really into crime shows like Law & Order, Criminal Minds and Rookie Blue.

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Joyanna - Susan McConnel


11, Female, individual

This outgoing young lady loves spending time with people. Whether she’s singing, dancing, or playing with her siblings, Joyanna likes to be in the middle of the action.

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15, Female, individual

Christina is an active young lady who enjoys spending time outdoors. She is especially happy when she is playing basketball with her friends. Christina has an outgoing personality, and a great sense of humor.

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12, Male, with sibling(s)

This young man really loves basketball, and displays great athletic ability. On the weekends, he enjoys going outside for walks, riding his bike, video games, and playing sports.

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6, Female, individual

Bobbie can entertain herself by riding her bike, watching cartoons and movies. and playing with Boomer the dog.

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5, Male, with sibling(s)

Floyd doesn’t mess around with his play time - he loves cars and trucks more than any other toys in his arsenal.

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9, Female, individual

Desiree is a social butterfly who enjoys meeting and talking to people. She is a very loving and playful child. She loves to dance, sing, and practice gymnastics.

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11, Female, individual

Get ready to have fun, because Marshae is a happy, energetic child who loves being around people.

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Isiah C8270


12, Male, individual

Isiah is a natural athlete who loves to play Football and Basketball. Just like most pre-teens, Isiah enjoys video games, computers, and hanging with friends.

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Taylor C8198


13, Male, individual

This young man is sensitive, expressive and full of life! Taylor enjoys objects that light up and play music. He is also a huge fan of cartoons!

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Aaron C8283


15, Male, individual

Aaron is a very personable and intelligent young man, with a wonderful sense of humor. He enjoys writing, drawing, and listening to music.

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Jai C8214


12, Female, individual

Jai is a very polite, cooperative, friendly, and funny young lady. She has a beautiful singing voice, but she is shy about sharing her talent.

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Destiny C8282


14, Female, individual

Destiny has already sought her “destiny”. Destiny wants to be a special education teacher because she currently enjoys being a support and advocate for others that are lower functioning.

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Nikkin C7826


14, Male, individual

Nikkin is a passionate reader. You will specifically find him indulging in sports bios, mythology, and trilogy's.

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Jacob C8102


13, Male, individual

Jacob is a sweet young man who is always looking out for others. He enjoys spending time with his friends, is eager to share whatever he has with them, and likes teaching them things they may not know.

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Anizee C8285


9, Female, individual

This little beauty is energetic and loves, loves, loves to keep busy. She enjoys singing, getting mani’s and pedi’s, and what girl doesn’t love a day at the beauty shop?

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