Adoption Subsidies

Child Adoption

Have you already adopted a child (or children) from foster care? Do you have questions about your adoption subsidy? If so, you’ll want to contact a DCFS post-adoption worker in your region of Illinois. This individual can help adoptive (and guardianship) parents who have questions about what a subsidy covers, using a subsidy to get referrals for various services, and updating family contact information.

In Cook County, families should call (866) 538-8892 and ask to speak with a post-adoption worker.

In the Northern Region of Illinois, families should call Eileen Runte at (815) 987-7640.

In the Central Region of Illinois, families should call Deborah Hawkins at (309) 671-7951.

In the Southern Region of Illinois, families should contact Carol Teague-Douglas at (618) 583-2189 or

If you have been receiving subsidy checks regularly and suddenly don’t receive your monthly check, call the DCFS Payment Unit at (800) 525-0499 (option #2). Families should realize that when youth reach the age of 18, their subsidy payments will expire.

Families should also note that their subsidies will be reviewed periodically. If the needs of your child have changed prior to review time, contact your post-adoption worker to request an earlier subsidy review. If you believe that your rights under an adoption assistance or subsidized guardianship agreement have been violated, an administrative appeal may be available to you. For information about the DCFS Administrative Hearing system, call (312) 814-5540 (Cook County residents) or (217) 782-6655 (outside Cook County).

If you have additional questions regarding your adoption subsidy, please contact us today.